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Memorial Sefer Torah

The Kronenberg Family
Memorial Sefer Torah

Jewish tradition teaches that each and every individual corresponds to a unique component of the Torah. The writing of a new Sefer Torah in memory of a departed loved one is a meaningful way of filling the void left by their absence, immortalizing the legacy of that unique component of the Torah for all eternity.

From its honored place in the Aron Hakodesh, the Kronenberg Family Memorial Sefer Torah will ensure the continuity of the Torah virtues that Rabbi Kronenberg and Sharona a"h personified in their lives. The Sefer Torah project is an opportunity for friends, acquaintances, admirers and beneficiaries of Rabbi Kronenberg z"l and Sharona Kronenberg a"h to commemorate the lives of father and daughter. Perhaps, most importantly, for Sharona, it is a chance to provide her special neshama with a living legacy.
A young woman,
full of life, talent, joy and enthusiasm taken suddenly in her prime, followed by the passing, just four months later, of
Her grieving father.
Our nearest and dearest have been taken from us, leaving family, friends and acquaintances stunned and bewildered by
The unexpected loss.
What can we do for ourselves?
What can we do to perpetuate
the memories of these
two precious souls?
Sharona Kronenberg
Rabbi Yehoshua Kronenberg
Sharona Kronenberg
Sharona Kronenberg a"h
The youngest child of Rabbi Yehoshua and Chana Kronenberg, Sharona attended Bais Yaakov of Denver, where she forged relationships with teachers and friends that lasted throughout her life. After graduating high school, she studied in Yavneh and Breuer's seminaries, going on to pursue additional academic degrees, most recently, working toward her Ph.D. in Holocaust studies. Sharona was a contributing author and artist at Hamodia newspaper.

Despite her considerable academic achievements and prestige in the workplace, it was Sharona's giving nature that made her stand apart. Her creativity, generosity, keen mind, musical and artistic talents, and love of life were dedicated to bringing joy and happiness to others. Sharona's personal challenges never impeded her ability to provide strength and encouragement to those who needed it. Most remarkable, perhaps, was her ability to achieve her generous acts of chesed and kindness while maintaining her trademark modesty and discretion. She was a treasured daughter, sister, aunt and friend who will never be forgotten.
Rabbi Yehoshua Kronenberg
Rabbi Yehoshua Kronenberg z"l
Rabbi Yehoshua Kronenberg, z"l, was a musmach of Yeshiva Torah Vodaath, who dedicated his life to Jewish education in remote communities across the USA and Canada. Growing up in the Williamsburg section of New York in the 1930's and 40's, young R' Yehoshua experienced firsthand what true commitment to Yiddishkeit entails. His parents, R' Ezriel and Sora Kronenberg, zichronam l'vrachah, withstood the trials of weekly unemployment and poverty for the sake of Shabbos observance.

As a young man, R' Yehoshua forged close relationships with Reb Yochonon of Stolin, zt"l, and Reb Dovid'l of Skolya, zt"l, who further molded and refined his character, thereby fortifying R' Yehoshua with the necessary tools to pass on their ideals to the next generation of American Jewry.

Although spreading Torah in often-remote Jewish communities presented challenges to raising a Torah-observant family, R' Yehoshua made it his life's mission; one which resulted in lasting impressions in the communities in which he served. From his first post in Westchester, New York, to his final position in El Paso, Texas, his devotion to learning and teaching Torah served as an inspiration. His warm smile, humble demeanor and kind nature endeared him to all who knew him. His musical talents brought joy and delight to his family and students.

R' Yehoshua is survived by, tbl"c, his devoted eishes chayil and life partner, Mrs. Chana Kronenberg, amu"sh, and his son and daughters, who carry on the torch of his legacy for generations of descendants, the pride and joy of his life.
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