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the u event
7 raffles
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15 raffles
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26 raffles
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3 grand raffles
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52 raffles
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6 grand raffles
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52 raffles
(instead of 36)
6 grand raffles
(instead of 4)
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52 raffles
(instead of 36)
6 grand raffles
(instead of 4)
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The Chinese Auction is now closed.
The winners are:

Grand Raffles:
#1 Flying High Sheera Segal 
#2 Grand Décor  Chava Moskowitz
#3 10,000 Raizy Sommer
#4 The Great Kitchen Makeover  Leah Ebstein
Split the Pot: Shaindy Mannes
#1 Timeless Elegance Yoni Craven
#2 The Great Outdoors Rose Mohadeb
#3 MR Sheitel Moshe/Leah Rosenfeld
#4 Irene Sheitel Leah Granick
#5 Baby Bliss  S.B. Rosner
#6 Siver Sensation Sara Yungreis
#7 Linen & Beyond Aron Rottenberg
#8 Bedroom Elegance Chayala Klugman
#9 Hi-Tech Tzippy Levine
#10 Relax in Style Judith Hershkowitz
#11 Homemaker’s Dream Moshe Orlian
#12 His Place Chaya Pollack
#13 Kids Club Deutch (last 4 digits tel # 0450)
#14 Dazzling Jewels Rose Mohadeb
#15 Home Upgrade Aron Sendrovitz
#16 Sukkah Splendor Breindi Fried
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dedicate a day
Ner Lmaor
Parnes Hayom
Grand Raffles
Flying High
Ad for $25
1 for $36 2 for $50 4 for $72
Tickets For Two to Eretz Yisroel - Restrictions apply, by Main Street Travel
Personal Escort to Rav Chaim Kanievsky שליט”א
$1000 Spending Moneyלזכות לזיווג הגון לצירל בת חוה
Grand Decor
1 for $36 2 for $50 4 for $72
Dining Room Table + 8 Chairs by Silver Leaf Interiors
Magnificent Chandelier by Consumer Lighting
Beautiful Window Decor by M & T
$10,000 Cash
1 for $36 2 for $50 4 for $72
by Anonymous
לע”נ רפאל חיים צבי בן חנני' יום טוב לע”נ רחל בת אברהם

The Great Kitchen Makeover
1 for $36 2 for $50 4 for $72
CNC Cabinets - $5,000 value by Dynamic Kitchens Rochel Gross
Kitchen Design by Sara Jungreis Interior Design
Granite Countertops - $3,000 Value by Granite Guys
$500 toward Backsplash by Ceramic Creations
split the pot
Split the Pot
1 for $18
3 for $36
1 for $20
7 for $54
15 for $100
Timeless Elegance
Stunning Diamond Tennis Bracelet
$6,000 Value
by ASI
לע"נ יוטא בת חיים אלעזר

Gorgeous Woman´s Gevril Watch
GV2 by Gevril
by Anonymous
The Great Outdoors
Picturesque Landscaping
1 Year of Maintenance approx. $5000 value
by Evergreen Landscaping

Deluxe Outdoor Swing Set
$2000 Value
by GreenTree Woodworks
(717) 786-9230
Ask for Free Estimate & Brochure!

Toys 4 U
$500 gift certificate
by Toys 4 U
MR Sheitel
by Etty Rosen
14 Jeffrey Place, Monsey
Irene Sheitel
by Tova Shapiro
7 Besen Parkway
Baby Bliss
Choice of 2 days in Aim B'Yisroel or Rock-A-Bye Baby Nurse for 1 Week
לע”נ הרב דניאל בן ר’ חיים הלוי

Beautiful Baby Layette
$500 Bluebelle gift certificate
by Bluebelle

Luxury Carriage
$800 value
by Babybug
לע”נ יוסף אייזיק בן צבי
לע”נ חי’ טויבא בת חנוך זונדל
Silver Sensation
Stunning Sterling Silver Candelabra
by Signature Silver
Linen & Beyond
$1,000 Gift Certificate to Mimi's Linen & Gifts
Bedroom Transformation
Deluxe Bedroom Furniture
includes bed & trundle, dresser, nightable & mirror
*May vary from picture. Winner is responsible for delivery fee.
by Furniture Gallery

Wallure Wallpaper
Wallpaper for children's room
Restrictions apply
by Wallure
Apple Macbook Air
13’ Screen

All-In-One Inkjet Printer
HP OfficeJet Pro 8710
by Technowledge

Canon EOS Rebel T6 Camera
with 18-55mm & 75-300mm Zoom Lenses
by Focus Camera
לע”נ מרת גיננדל בת ר' שלמה בערקאוויטש
Relax In Style
Luxurious Sectional Sofa
by Furniture Village

Updated Area Rug
by Neiman New York
Homemaker´s Dream
21 C. FT by Island Supply

Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner
by Auction Mart

Bosch Mixer
donated by Mr. Roth
His Place
Custom Study
$2,800 Value
by Ultimate Kitchens

Oz V'hadar Shas
Kid´s Club
Lily & Todd
$500 gift Certificate

Sock Shoppe

$500 Gift Certificate

Weingarten Quality Shoes
$360 Gift Certificate
Dazzling Jewelry
Exquisite Diamond Earrings 5 carat total weight $10000 value
by ASI
לע”נ יוטא בת חיים אלעזר
Home Upgrade
Closets Redesigned 12 ft. of custom closets $1200 value
by Tic Toc Closets

Revamp your rooms with a Paint Job $1000 value
Restrictions apply

2 Rooms Scraped & Finished
by Supreme Floors
Sukkah Splendor
Modular Wood Sukkah
A friend of YES

10' x 10'
by Tristate Awnings
Restrictions apply

by Rockland Sukkah Center

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