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Founded in 1996, Duvys Media specializes in Web Design and Development.

As a full-service web development company, Duvys Media offers a wide range of possibilities to meet your online design, development and marketing needs.

We've designed 1,000s of websites and our professional services and experience will help your business achieve the presence it needs in today's competitive world.

Our team of top notch designers and web developers will custom tailor your web site around your company's services, objectives and budget.

Our Team

  • Duvy Perkowski
    Duvy Perkowski / CEO & Founder
  • Sara Rosenthal
    Sara Rosenthal / Lead Developer
  • Chaya Spiegel
    Chaya Spiegel / Senior Designer
  • Chevi Munk
    Chevi Munk / UI Designer
  • Gitty Fleisher
    Gitty Fleischer / Front End Developer
  • Yehudit Berdah
    Yehudit Berdah / Web Developer
  • Sam Kipper
    Sam Kipper / Web Programmer
  • Shifra Willner
    Shifra Willner / Webmaster
  • Sara Press
    Sarah Press / Accounting Manager
  • Hendi Herzog
    Hendi Herzog / Accounting Manager
  • Ricky Boles
    Devorah Kogan
  • Yossi Greenwald
    Yossi Greenwald / Director Of Fundraising Advancement at Rayze.It
  • Nechama Engy Shapiro
    Engy Shapiro / Project Coordinator at RayzeIt
  • Bassy Pfeffer
    Bassy Pfeffer / Customer Support at RayzeIt
  • Gitty Stern
    Gitty Stern / Webmaster at RayzeIt

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Our Services

Web Design
Web Design
From concept to final product our team will work closely with your staff to custom tailor a site designed to accommodate the needs of your organization or company and achieve its objectives. Our designs range from projects of non-profit organizations to multi-billion dollar firms using the latest concepts in design, cross browser compatibility and responsiveness.
Web Development
Web Development
Our high standards of development allow your site to work behind the scenes with advanced automation. Our developers work to perfection ensuring an error-free, streamlined web experience with a focus on cross-browser and mobile friendly compatibility providing your users with a flawless web experience in an easily navigable and user-friendly way.

Logo Creation
Logo Creation
Working with our clients, from brainstorming ideas to the implementation of desired design elements, our highly skilled designers can help your business improve its image with the creation of a unique logo or updating you your existing logo. The final product will be a creative and professional logo that fits seamlessly with the look of your site, and all of your marketing materials.
Marketing Material
Marketing Material
By analyzing your customers and online sales strategy our staff can craft the appropriate messaging for your website or online marketing material. We don't stop working once your site is live, on the contrary our marketing professionals will assist you in promoting your new website while helping to grow your customer base by making your outreach responsive to the changing markets. This includes online advertising, email marketing campaigns, and a continuity of your overall image on the net through various mediums.
Rayze.It Fundraising Platforms
Rayze.It Fundraising Platforms
If you're hesitant, or even clueless, about making the transition to electronic fundraising, Rayze.It by Duvys Media is just what your organization has been waiting for. As pioneers of the web media industry, we wrote the book on fundraising platforms. Our newly launched Rayze.It brand puts the power of today's most cutting-edge fundraising tools right at your fingertips, no matter how un-tech savvy you or your organization may be. Best of all, we don't charge a transaction fee! Our fully-automated platforms are designed to execute every aspect of your campaign from conception thru completion. Packages are available with various levels of support and add-on features. Read More
Search Engine Optimization
Digital Marketing
Aside from the actual design and layout, our web packages also gain from our knowledge and experience with search engine optimization. From the moment we start working on your site, and throughout every stage of programming and design, your site is being created with emphasis on details that will raise your ranking in search engines.

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